StickerYou's 'Make+Print Your Own' product line allows you to easily create your own designs and then print them instantly! Get the highest quality stickers, labels, transfers and tattoos right from your home printer. Enjoy!

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to print your page.

Print a test page on regular or scrap paper to ensure proper alignment, paper positioning, and printer settings.

Insert a single page into printer, making sure to print on the blank white side as specified in the instructions.

*Make sure the edges of your page are not curled

*Only insert one page into your printer at a time

When printing from Adobe Acrobat Reader, please select “None” under Page Scaling. DO NOT use “Fit to Page” or “Shrink to Printatble Area”.

Under your computer’s Printer Setup/Settings, select the “Glossy Paper” or “Photo Paper” setting under ‘Paper Type’ or ‘Media Type’. Printer settings and options may vary.

Under your computer's Printer Setup/Settings, select the highest possible setting under Printer Quality. Printer settings and options may vary.

*If your PDF does not open, right-click on OPEN PDF and select "Save Link As" to save your PDF on your computer. Open this file in Adobe Acrobat Reader and print.

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